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Have a fun, get PDUs easy

July 5, 2011 Leave a comment

In May 2011 I got a PMP. One month passed away. I started to use knowledge I got during the certification.
It was time to start thinking about professional development.
It has a couple of benefits:
• First of all – you grow through learning
• Secondly – you grow through sharing your experience
• Also you grow through discussing some common project management problems

PMI gives you an ability to maintain your PMP certification through your professional development.
That is why I started to plan my development taking into account PMI requirements.
To keep your certificate valid you must earn 60 PDU (professional development units) in a 3 years period.

There are two areas where you can claim PDU:
• Educational
• Giving back to the profession (maximum 45 PDU allowed)
Each area has 3 categories. So basically you can earn PDU in 6 ways:
• Taking courses from PMI’s R.E.P.
• Education
• Self-Directed Learning
• Creating New Project Management Knowledge
• Volunteer Service
• Work as a Professional in Project Management
More detailed information you can find here

Based on this information, here is my plan:
• It’s good for project manager to SPEAK AT CONFERENCES or CONDUCTS SOME INTERNAL COMPANY COURSES. That gives you 1 PDU per hour (including preparing and speaking). I usually yield 10 PDUs per conference speaking. So you need to take part in 4-5 such events in 3 years, which is not so much. It’s Creating New Project Management Knowledge category.

• It would be strange if you have a PMP and don’t work as Project Manager. So if you work as PM, you can claim 5 PDU per year. So will get up to 15 PDU for 3 years. This is Work as a Professional in Project Management category.

Now we have 45 PDUs. Only 15 PDUs left. There are two ways how to get them:

• Short and expensive but still useful: Take course from PMI R.E.P. You can earn 16 PDU at a time. Look here for more information

• Long and free but useful too: Watch 1 hour webinars on PMI. There are a lot of quite interesting webinars each week. I personally like series of Agile webinars from Sally Elatta. They usually start at 7 PM in Ukraine Time Zone. So it looks like as a good end of the day. Each hour gives you 1 PDU. Even 1 webinar in a month is enough to get 15 PDUs in a 3 year period.

Now it’s clearer to me (and I hope to the reader) how to develop yourself, have a fun and keep your certificate valid.