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Correcting Ukrainian keyboard layout on Mac

Hi there,

As an owner of a Mac, actually as a so-called “switcher” (from win to mac), I decided to write about all my Mac related findings, which sometimes drive me mad and sometimes make me very happy.

So the first story is a Ukrainian keyboard layout:

I was very surprised  when I found out that our letters І and И  were swapped.

Thankfully to this post post I figured out what I can do about that.

Here is some more information:

Mac stores keyboard layout in XML file which can be easy edited. To edit this file you should better use special tool  Ukelele

Tool is delivered with ready to use layouts, so you can easy change them and then replace existing one or add new keyboard layout.

So I opened Ukelele build in Ukrainian layout and changed  the letters І and И positions.
Also I changed colon position, so now it is similar to one you have on PC (shift+6)

If you don’t want to do that by yourself just download the files from here

  1. Extract the files to either /Users//Library/Keyboard Layouts/ or to /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ (In the first case the layout will be accessible only for you, in the latter it will be accessible for all the users.)
  2. Then go to System Preferences->Input Sources->Select “Ukrainian Fixed”

Here you go…

btw: this approach is also suitable for any other language…

  1. December 27, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    Here is another solution. I use this keyboard layout: http://dict.linux.org.ua/other/ua_layout_uni.html It’s available for windows mac and linux.
    I actually use it on Windows too, because:
    1) It has russian letters as a third level keys (type them with Сtrl-Alt- or Right Alt-) – allows not to use russian keyboard if you rarely type in russian but still need it occasionally. Switching languages becomes much easier.
    2) It has apostrophe (and letter “ґ” :)) unlike standard windows ukrainian layout.

    • December 28, 2011 at 10:47 pm

      Nice. I did not know that. I will use this for sure.

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