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Disable Demo mode on GPS Garmin Nuvi 50 (Poor UI and nice support)

October 9, 2012 11 comments

Recently I have got a present – GPS Unit Garmin Nuvi 50. The issue was that I could not get it working . It said GPS is OFF. Googling on the message or on DEMO MODE did not helped.
I have not found the option how to disable Demo mode on UI as well.
In Ukraine there is no Garmin support 😦
So I called to US support and after 15 min of waiting on the line and 5 min talking to support I finally got it working.

So here are the steps:
1. At home screen, go to the Settings->
2. Set GPS simulator option Off
3. If the value is still ON, you will have to do the following
4. Go back to home screen
5. View Map
6. Click on Speed area (lower right hand corner)
7. On the new screen, you will see speedometer
8. Hold your finger on speedometer for 10 sec and you should see diagnostic menu… EASY HA??
9. Find demo mode option and disable DEMO MODE
10. Now you will be able to find satellites

The question to Garmin is: wouldn’t it be better to put diagnostic menu just in Settings or allow to disable Demo mode from Home screen ?
Why do you spend money on support guys ?

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